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School Closing Announcements

While we know that a “snow closing” announcement brings joy to every child’s winter day, we also use several other criteria in determining the need to close school. These include the ability to provide reliable bus service, the ability to get staff into work, and to have sidewalks and lots plowed in readiness for the arrival of students and staff.

Should inclement weather (snow, etc.) force the cancellation of school, we will notify parents via their home telephone number using our telephone broadcast system. These calls will begin at approximately 6:00 a.m. in the morning of any snow day. Please be sure that you have the following number accepted by your home telephone system if you have privacy manager: 630-893-9590. In addition to using the telephone broadcast system to inform you of school closings, Bloomingdale School District 13 will always list its school closings using the following resources:

Should weather force the abbreviation of a school day while students are in session, we will use our telephone broadcast system to notify parents at the number you have listed on your student’s school registration form. The above additional means of notification will also be utilized.

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